Panasonic Shows off a 145 Inch Plasma with 8K Resolution 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sure, the 4K trend seems to be taking off, but Panasonic wants to go a step further.  They’re hoping for an 8K standard by 2020 and their new set makes a strong case for it.  It’s a 145 inch plasma with a resolution that gives you an image that’s nearly life-like.

Those who got to view it in person compared the experience to an IMAX screen, with Engadget’s Joseph Volpe commenting “the flat screen is truly awe-inspiring, offering such richness of detail that even up-close we weren't able to discern any pixels.”  It’s definitely nice to hear about new tech, and something so promising is even better.  Just when we’ll actually be seeing something like this, what price we’ll be paying and – more importantly – how we’ll squeeze this thing through the front door are all mysteries to be explored over the next eight years or so.

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