Apple is in Talks to Make Set-Tops for Cable Providers 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 17 August 2012

We’ve been hearing for a while that Apple is planning to get into the TV game in a significant way, and now we know just how they plan to do it.  Rumor had it that Apple would be finding a way to work around traditional cable companies and start a service of their own like Microsoft is trying to do, but it seems they’ll be going a different route.  As with their phone company, Apple will be all about hardware.


There aren’t any details on just what Apple is planning, but we do know that they’re in talks with cable providers about making set-top boxes.  The obvious expectation is that these will operate something like the already existing Apple TV but with DVR and tuner capabilities.  We’ll have to wait and see of course, but the possibility is certainly intriguing, and a definite way to show up Google TV.  If streaming services and the like are included with your cable subscription, why buy a second piece of hardware?  That being said, if this takes off, the standalone Apple TV might be headed back to obsolescence.

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