Panasonic Reveals Their New Pet Project – A 145 Inch 8K Plasma 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 08 May 2012

Panasonic has created another drool-worthy set that we'll unfortunately never get our hands on.  It's a 145 inch plasma with an 8K resolution.  CTO Hideo Toyoda says that no matter how close you are or far away you get, you'll be tricked into thinking you're watching reality. "It doesn't use 3D technology," he says, "but the picture is so realistic, you feel truly immersed in the scene."

We know there isn't any content out at this point that will take advantage of this TV.  We know we'd likely have to upgrade our living spaces in order to fit this thing.  We know it isn't 3D and it doesn't have the ability to stream content or Skype or anything like that.  We know all this.  But we still want it.

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