Epson Launches an Android Based Wearable 3D Display 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 03 April 2012

It's unfortunate, but there are places where you can't lug your gorgeous TV or projector.  On a plane, for example.  That tiny seat mounted into the chair in front of you is all you have to watch, and the selection is typically pretty sad.  Epson's new BT-100 aims to change that.  It's a wearable personal media device that gives you an 80 inch virtual screen for your own enjoyment.

The BT-100 lets you want side-by-side 3D and boasts support for a range of media files and Flash 11 for all your streaming needs.  Epson hasn't revealed just what video formats can be played back, but they're giving you a good deal of space in which to store them.  The BT-100 comes packed with a 4GB microSDHC card and a gig of onboard memory.  You can use up to a 32GB card in the device.  Epson's BT-100 will be available on April 6th at $699 and is currently available for preorder on Amazon.        

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