NAIM Announces Top-of-the-Line NDS Network Audio Player 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 23 March 2012

There are network media players and then there are Network Media Players – the kind that take on capital letters not because they're proper nouns but because they're crazy high end, especially compared to something like a $79 Roku player. The NDS is in the second category, providing audiophile quality sound from less than top quality sources like iPods and internet radio.

The NDS switches things up a bit when compared to the similarly featured NDX.  The first big thing you'll notice is the removal of the internal power supply, which eliminates one more variable that can cause audio issues within the device.  You'll also find Burr-Brown PCM1704 chips which replace the PCM1791s of the NDX.  Like the past model, the NDS offers Wi-Fi capabilities, streaming and playback of MP3, AAC, FLAC and more.  The NAIM NDS will be available this May for $10,995.

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