China Based TCL Shows off a 110 Inch 3D 4K LCD Touchscreen TV 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 19 March 2012

There's something that's just so satisfying about the latest set made by TCL.  It's not one of those instances where business types sat down to discuss practicality, this is one of times when somehow the R&D guys got put in charge. "Let's see, what can we pack into a new TV? 3D capabilities?  Check.  4K resolution? Check. A 110" touchscreen?  Sure, why not?"

The new set is a little bit ridiculous, but in the kind of way that makes us want to find a room to put it in.  At this point though, there are no announced plans to bring it to the US.  China based TCL says that the technology they created for this TV is something that other manufacturers will be able to benefit from, and a guest speaking at the launch event suggested that this was another step on the way to TV market dominance for China. "China will replace Japan and South Korea as the world leader in TV display screens in terms of manufacturing and R&D in three to five years," he said.

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