Atlona’s New Wireless HDMI Extender Can Handle up to Five Displays at a Time 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wireless HDMI extenders are incredibly cool, but they’re a bit lacking if you’re planning to use them to get video to every room in your house.  Typically, an extender will have one input, one output, and that’s it.  Atlona’s LinkCastAV isn’t typical.  With the purchase of additional wireless receivers, you can stream to up to five devices.

In addition to this multi-display capability, which lets you switch which TV you’re watching on using an included remote, Atlona says that the LinkCastAV is completely lag-free, which would make it an excellent choice for gamers to whom a dropped frame is the difference between life and death.  Well, digital life and death anyway.  It also packs enough bandwidth to handle 3D video, so there’s no worry about using the latest tech.  You can pick up the LinkCastAV now for $299.

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