Patent Reveals that Google TV Voice Control is in the Works 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 21 February 2012

If you're rocking an Android phone and a Google TV you may be in luck.  There's an app in the works that would allow you to control your Google TV with your voice.  The app will utilize the phone for capturing the commands and display the results on your TV using information like the time, date and your GPS data.  If you ask "When's the game on?" for example, you'll get results for local teams.  It's a pretty slick setup.

What might be even cooler though is that you'll be able to issue commands to your TV from as far as a quarter mile away.  Want to get your favorite show ready to go or start buffering a streaming movie?  You can do it. It works for music too, so whether you're hosting a party or inviting that special someone over, you can make things happen before you walk in the door.

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