Samsung Unveils 2012 Lineup Including a 55" OLED Due Out This Year 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 10 January 2012

It's that time of year again. 2012 has begun and it's time for everyone in the electronics business to show off everything they're bringing to market.  First up from the Consumer Electronics Show is Samsung, who unveiled, among other things, a 55" OLED TV. Samsung is the second company to announce a 55" OLED this year with LG being the first.  Like LG's set it's incredibly thin and boasts crystal clear images, a response time that's too small for even the most observant of people to notice and a ludicrous contrast.  Sadly, also like LG's set, Samsung's new 55" OLED doesn't have a price attached.  All we know right now is that it's coming sometime this year.

That's not where it ends for Samsung though - the company's new LED backlit sets  - the UNES8000 and UNES7500 - utilize micro dimming for greater brightness and a more accurate picture.  They also pack all the Smart TV features you've come to expect but with one nice addition.  They're using Samsung's new dual-core processor.

Finally, Samsung announced a new line of plasma sets, all utilizing the same ultra-thin bezel of last year's models.  There's been a bit of a change in style though - they now use a "titan black metal" color and a transparent border to make the picture seem to go a bit further than it does. Samsung says black levels have gotten better by 10% as well.

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