LCD Panel Prices Experience Biggest Decline in a Year 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 21 November 2011

When products are out longer, costs get lower and processes become more efficient, it's not uncommon to see prices drop.  That's not what's happening with LCD tech though - prices have been dropping consistently, with a huge spike over the last two months.

In August, prices of LCD panels - not the televisions themselves, but the panels that manufacturers and suppliers deal in - went down over four percent for the first time since September of 2010.  September's prices were even lower.  They decreased 4.9 percent from the already low August prices. One big piece of the puzzle, according to analysts from iHS, is that demand has lowered significantly for LCD televisions.  It's particularly visible in Europe and the U.S. but suppliers are expecting the holiday season to give prices a boost again.

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