The TiVo Whole-Home DVR Debuts in D.C. 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 10 November 2011

The whole DVR thing is pretty great but it doesn't exactly do the trick if you're using multiple TVs on a regular basis.  You've got to set up all of your recordings on any TV that you think you might want to watch a show on - pretty inconvenient.  The new TiVo Premiere Q solves that issue.  Simply put the Premiere Q in your main viewing room and then put a TiVo Preview in any room you want to watch TV in.  The Preview doesn't have a built in hard drive, but can access anything that's on the Premiere, including your recorded shows and on-demand programming.

Washington D.C. is the first city this is rolling out in thanks to cable provider RCN.  A package of a Premiere Q and a Preview will run you $29 a month while each additional Preview will run $9 a month.  They won't have full functionality at launch - pausing, rewinding and fast-fowarding aren't in there yet - but RCN says that you can expect to see all that in early 2012.

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