AMOLED TVs are One Step Closer to Retail Shelves 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 07 November 2011

DuPont isn't a name that you'll see often on home theater sites - if at all - but the chemical company has made its way into the news today.  The company is behind the technology that makes AMOLED televisions possible and they've just announced a licensee for their tech. A few companies already use AMOLED displays for smaller devices, but DuPont's statement specifically states that we'll be seeing televisions. Per the company's press release, "The agreement will enable process technology developed by DuPont to be used in the company's production of large AMOLED television displays."

DuPont hasn't revealed what company picked up the license aside from mentioning that it's a leading Asian manufacturer of AMOLED technology.  So that narrows it down to just about anyone that uses AMOLED at all. "AMOLED televisions clearly represent the future," says DuPont president David B. Miller. "They are preferred by consumers for their superior performance, they are more energy efficient and the process technology we're licensing allows them to be manufactured much more cost effectively."

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