Sony's Unique PlayStation Branded TV is Coming November 13th 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's a 24 inch 3D television and you may be asking yourself "what's to get excited about?"  It's a nice looking set of course, and includes LED edge lighting, a 240Hz refresh rate and active shutter 3D. The really cool part isn't the TV though - it's the technology baked into the TV. The PlayStation 3D display is the first set that offers SimulView.  It's a use of 3D technology that's aimed directly at gamers.  What SimulView does is allow two people to watch completely different things on the same TV.  Instead of playing split-screen which limits your vision and gives your friend an edge up in the competition if he's looking at your screen, you both get a 2D full-screen experience.

To get that SimulView experience you'll have to have the PlayStation 3D display, a PS3 and a game capable of SimulView.  There are a few so far and more are on the way. Sony says that larger versions of the TV may be available in the future, depending on how well this one sells and how much demand there is for larger sizes. Though the technology is being aimed at gamers right now, there could be some interesting TV watching applications down the line.  Imagine being able to watch the game while the kids enjoy their favorite show.  Headphones tied to each channel would be required of course, but it's an intriguing idea.

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