Lexicon Expands With a 12.4 Channel Preamp Processor 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 12 August 2011

Lexicon's upcoming MP-20 preamp processor is their first big release in a while, but it's an impressive one to be sure.  It includes twelve channels, four subwoofer outputs and handles not only audio, but video as well. All those extra channels aren't just for the spec sheet - Lexicon has the normal seven in mind with five extra for height above the rear, front and center channels. The fronts also double as width channels, so they'd go up and to the left of the left channel and up and to the right of the right channel.

The MP-20 handles upscaling of video, decoding of the usual audio formats, Pro Logic IIz height channel processing, and can digitally compensate the audio from your speakers to match even awkward sitting positions. One particularly interesting feature of the MP-20 is that it can split audio and video from HDMI.  That means that if you want to watch one thing while listening to another you can do it. As you might expect, it also up-mixes mono, stereo and multi-channel audio to 12.4.  Lexicon expects to ship the MP-20 in the first quarter of next year and is looking at a price above the MC-12 that came before it.  Expect to pay over $15,000.

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