Hulu's Addition of Facebook Connect Causes Employee Data Breach 
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Written by Mike Flacy   
Friday, 01 July 2011

This morning, I brought up as I read that linking your Facebook Connect account added a free month of Hulu Plus to my Hulu account.  I love Hulu Plus!  Why wouldn't I take them up on that deal?  It's an easy enough process, simply click the familiar Facebook Connect button.  However, when I clicked the button, something at Hulu went awry. 



The widget loaded endlessly, so I refreshed the page.  I tried clicking the button again, but it still didn't work.  I tried refreshing the page again.  This time, it logged me into the account of a employee, Thomas Moore.  Thomas is also a former employee of Facebook according to his Facebook page  as well as LinkedIn .  

After the click, I was able to access his street address, financial information (last 4 digits of his CC with expiration date), device management, email address and password.  I know that Thomas has just finished watching episodes of Modern Family, Suits, Burn Notice and The Guild.  If I was a jerk, I could cancel his Hulu Plus account, turn off all his devices and change his email / password.  If I was a devious thief, I could slip my device onto his account and get some free Hulu Plus until he noticed.  Thank goodness for Thomas, I'm not.  

BTW, do a quick search for 'Hulu logged' on Twitter or click here .  I'm not the only person this is happening to.  Email me at mike at avrev dot com if this also happened to you.  Hey Hulu, FIX IT and email me when it's done so I can update the readers.  (Pictures below, click for expanded image)

Update 1: Ryan Lawler over at Gigaom also posted about this issue:

Update 2: Hulu has reponded with a blog post on the issue, looks like it's under control.  Thanks Hulu! :

Thomas's Main Login, Most Watched and Privacy Pages

Thomas Moore main login page

thomas moore watched page

thomas moore privacy page


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