Westinghouse Debuts First 3DTV 
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Written by Michael Palmer   
Thursday, 23 June 2011

Budget display manufacturer, Westinghouse, jumped into the 3D pool at CE Week in New York City, with the announcement of its first 3DTV, the 47-inch W47S2TCD.  Unlike most 3D displays on the market, Westinghouse has decided to go with passive glasses display technology, rather than active.  Passive glasses 3DTVs don't offer full 1080p/per eye stereo 3D available with active technology, but both the passive (polarized) glasses and the televisions themselves tend to be more affordable.


The 47-inch W47S2TCD, from Westingonhouse, has an MSRP of $1200, but should sell for under a thousand dollars, including four pairs of passive glasses, when it goes on sale later this year.  Tech writer Zach Honig, from Engadet, was able to test out the set for himself, and was "actually somewhat impressed with its performance, especially from a distance of more than six feet."   Clearly, that's not the resounding endorsement, but for a budget-friendly set like this, did you really expect more?

Sources: Engadget, Westinghouse

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