Kubrick Blu-ray Collection May Be Damaging Discs 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 01 June 2011

There's nothing wrong with trying to do something exciting and new when it comes to disc packaging, but it doesn't always work out quite right. We've seen plenty of strangely shaped boxes and even a 'Back to the Future' Blu-ray set with packaging so bad it required instructions. The latest fiasco stems from the packaging for the Stanley Kubrick box set.  When pulling a disc out of the sleeve that it's stored in, you'll meet a bit of resistance and have to apply a fair deal of force to get it out.   While several videos and reviews mentioned the packaging as being a pain, some people are reporting damaged discs.

One set owner reported that his discs are now completely unwatchable, thanks to the scratches that occurred while removing the disc from its packaging.  Others report less damage, but still see small scratches on the disc which, when inserted and removed enough times, will certainly add up to something significant. If you don't need to pick up the Kubrick collection immediately, consider waiting to see how widespread the issue is or if a packaging change is in the works.

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