Japan Broadcasting Company Shows Off Hybrid Broadband/Cable 3D Technology 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Though 3D television has been kicking off with a great deal of hype, there's a bit of a problem when it comes to the viewing of 3D content from your cable or satellite provider. The picture may look good, but it's not Full HD 1080p.  What you're getting from your cable company is a pair of 1080i images - one for your right eye and one for your left.  Japan Broadcasting Company (NHK) wants 1080p for both.  They can make it happen too, but it's a little bit complicated.

The solution that NHK has in place is using time stamps to synchronize video from two sources.  One eye gets a 1080p signal via the traditional cable route while the other sees a 1080p picture that's streamed over broadband.  Calling the new tech Hybridcast, NHK suggests that it's good for much more than just 3D.  It could transmit metadata to a tablet computer, for example.  The Hybridcast technology is in prototype stages at this point.  NHK has not specified a date that we can expect to see it go live.

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