3D Lenses May Be Ruining Your 2D Movie Experience 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 24 May 2011

If you've gone to see a traditional 2D movie at a theater that also does 3D you may have noticed something lacking in your film.  It's not that 3D movies look better - that's a matter of opinion - and it's definitely not your imagination.  The problem stems from the difference in technology needed for 2D and 3D films.  At the most basic level, 3D movies require a polarizer for the effect and have been created with that in mind. They're brighter to make up for the amount of light lost.

2D movies aren't made with a polarizer in mind, which is fine as long as theater owners and projectionists switch out the 3D lens for a 2D lens.  As it turns out, that change is something that isn't happening in theaters across the country.  The 3D lens is staying on and the result is incredibly dark movies.

According to one projectionist, the process isn't as easy as simply pulling out one lens and putting on another.  It requires a bit of technical know-how, as well as a password and security clearance.  It's not the sort of thing just anyone can do."When you’re running a 2-D film, that polarization device has to be taken out of the image path," he says. "If they’re not doing that, it’s crazy, because you’ve got a big polarizer that absorbs 50 percent of the light."

If you feel like your movies aren't being properly projected, drop a note to the Customer Service departments of AMC , Regal , or National Amusements.

How a 3-D lens affects a 2-D movie

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