Samsung and RealD Development Active Shutter Tech Using Passive Glasses 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 17 May 2011

When you pick out a 3D TV, you're stuck making adecision.  You can sacrifice a 1080presolution in favor of lighter and cheaper passive glasses or you can deal withexpensive glasses that need to be fed new batteries or recharged on occasion.  The new tech from Samsung and RealD combinesthe best parts of active and passive technologies but without thedownside. 

This is accomplished by putting the active shutter tech on the display instead of on the glasses.  That means you'll be able to use the same glasses you use in the movie theater but you won't have to suffer with lower resolution.

Though it's incredibly exciting, it's not coming to TVs just yet.  Samsung is starting by launching this new technology on its range of computer monitors, beginning with a 23 and a 27 inch panel.  The initial rollout is expected in early 2012.  After that, Samsung says, the next project is a 55 inch LCD.

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