Star Wars Complete Saga Blu-rays Fully Detailed - Available in September 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 04 May 2011

Fanboys rejoice! The hallowed trilogy is finally coming to Blu-ray.  The new trilogy comes with it, but that's a small price to pay for the absolutely crazy amounts of supplementary features that come with this nine disc Blu-ray set. The first six discs contain the movies, of course, along with audio commentary from the cast and crew as well as commentary constructed from past interviews. 

You're stuck with the remastered original trilogy that includes Greedo shooting first and a bizarre song and dance number, but it's a whole lot better than no 'Star Wars' at all. The really meaty stuff comes in the last three discs.  You'll get extended and deleted scenes from all six movies, interviews, a look at concept art, matte paintings and even a flythrough of the Lucasfilm archives.

In addition, you'll find plenty to love on the ninth disc, which includes the 26 minute 'Anatomy of a Dewback' featurette, a 46 minute exploration of 'Star Wars Tech' and even a look at 'Star Wars' costume enthusiasts. The set will be released on September 16th.  You can buy each trilogy separately for $69 or pick up the full nine disc Blu-ray set for $139.

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