Directors Join in the Fight Against Premium VOD 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 21 April 2011

The idea of adding a new window where movies are available on demand from cable providers before they're out on DVD and Blu-ray has been met with more than a little criticism.  Consumers have mixed feelings about shelling out $30 for a movie, theater owners are livid that their sales window will be cut down and now some of Hollywood's biggest directors are joining in on the conversation.

In a letter drafted by the National Association of Theater Owners, directors like Michael Bay, James Cameron, Peter Jackson and Robert Rodriguez spoke out against premium VODs.  They, like theater owners, say that early VOD sales will severely impact theatrical windows. They also make an interesting point about the price of the VODs.  "History has shown that price points cannot be maintained in the home video window," says the letter.  "What sells for $30‐a‐viewing today could be blown out for $9.99 within a few years."

It's doubtful that this will be enough to make companies put the brakes on premium VOD, but it may make them think things out a little bit before committing to the move. You can read the full letter here. (PDF

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