LG Shows off a Glasses-Free 3D Mobile TV and the Tweet TV 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 11 April 2011

LG has a few prototypes that they've been showing off in the mobile TV department.  One of them is immediately interesting and can easily be seen as viable at the right price.  The other seems, well, bad. The more practical an interesting device is a mobile TV that's capable of showing 3D content broadcast on the ATSC Mobile TV standard.  Even better, it does so without requiring that you wear glasses to watch it.  LG says this is the first set of its kind.

On the more thrown-together side of things is Tweet TV.  It's an application made for smartphones with mobile TV capabilities.  Using Tweet TV you can watch TV and use a transparent Twitter overlay at the same time.  The actual purpose of this is a little unclear. Another thing that LG has mentioned is the implementation of coupons on smartphones.  Allowing consumers to use coupons directly from their phones, and even to pull up a coupon from a commercial, is a very interesting idea to say the least.

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