Physical Media Will Stay Dominant Until at Least 2015 Says Study 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 07 April 2011

There's no question that digitally delivered content is the future of media.  The convenience to the customer and low cost to the distributor make digitally distributed video a no-brainer. The big question though, is how far away is that future. The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) did a study to help answer that question and found that while Netflix and Hulu may have a lot of watchers, they're not going to replace DVD and Blu-ray for at least another four years.

One of the biggest reasons is the lack of reliable broadband throughout the country, especially now that 3D is gaining popularity.  A 3D movie would require twice as much bandwidth after all, and not everyone can support that. The other big consideration is kiosk services like Redbox.  By bringing the price of a DVD rental down to $1.00 a night, they irked the studios, but are doing a lot to help keep physical media relevant. 

(via Home Media Magazine)

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