CEA Seeking Proposals for a 3D Glasses Standard 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 09 March 2011

One of the big problems with 3D televisions in the home is the lack of a standard for active shutter glasses.  If you own a pair of glasses that work with your Samsung TV, for example, they might not work with your friend's Panasonic 3D set.

The Consumer Electronics Association is working on the issue.  Sure it's a problem that should have been solved last year, but better late than never, right? As the CEA's VP of research and standards Brian Markwalter puts it "The expanding presence of 3DTV in the home makes the need for interoperable 3D glasses more urgent than ever."

The CEA is inviting interested parties to join the 3D Technologies Working Group  and submit a proposal for standardization.  Submissions will be accepted until the end of this month, at which point a decision will be made.

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