Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Finally Coming to Blu-ray 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 07 March 2011

Last year, 'Lord of the Rings' fans got teased by the release of the theatrical versions of the epic movie trilogy.  Sure it was an HD version of the movies we love, but it wasn't the full experience. This year, Peter Jackson's incredible films will be hitting Blu-ray in full.  Well, sort of.  The films themselves will be on Blu-ray discs, but based on the product information on Amazon, it looks like the supplemental features will be on DVD.

Just like the DVD version of the films, you'll get a variety of commentaries, plenty of extra footage and a wealth of documentaries.  You'll also get Costa Botes documentaries on each of the films and a few extra Easter eggs.No release date has been announced, but Amazon currently has the set priced at $83.99 - down from an MSRP of $119: Link

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