Mitsubishi Introduces Lasers to LCD Television 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 01 March 2011

You've probably heard about Mitsubishi's impressive LaserVue DLPs that replace standard lighting with lasers, cutting power while expanding color.  Mitsubishi is happy with their results, but is looking to expand that technology into the realm of LCDs.

The company showed off an LCD this week that's a hybrid of several different technologies.  Most of the lighting is provided by LEDs, but not the white LEDs you'll find in most televisions.  Mitsubishi has gone with cyan LEDs to handle both the blue and the green side of things and allow for better, brighter colors.  The red part of the spectrum will be handled by lasers.

Mitsubishi says that to keep costs down, they had to choose one part of the color spectrum for the new tech. Red was the natural choice, since the red colored laser is more effective and efficient than the others.

The folks at Mitsubishi say that we can expect to see these sets within fiscal 2011, which ends around March of 2012.  The initial launch will be in Japan, with a US release to follow.

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