Premium VODs May Come With DVDs 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Premium video on-demand content might not be for everyone.  At an estimated $30 a pop, renting a movie won't exactly be cheap, especially when compared to other options like Redbox and Netflix.

The cable companies and studios both know that the price is high and are working on solutions to sweeten the deal.  One such idea is giving premium VOD customers a copy of the movie when it comes out.

"We have talked [about] how we can get a consumer to accept a $20 to $30 price point for a one-night rental, [and] maybe you then get a copy of the film, whether it's digital or DVD," says Steve Beeks, president of Lionsgate.

" I don’t think we have settled on anything," he adds.  "We are actually anxious to see how the market develops."

Adding a DVD or Blu-ray to the Premium VOD purchase would make it far more attractive to potential buyers, though the logistics may be a bit hard to work out.  We'll be looking forward to seeing what develops.

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