USB Movie Kiosks Could Be Coming to Airports in 2011 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 10 February 2011

If there's one place you desperately need some entertainment, it's the airport.  Anything that can take your mind off of the guy next to you and his total dominance of the armrest, the kids yapping behind you or the seemingly endless flight is a good thing.

A company called Digiboo is planning to introduce a whopping 7,000 movie rental kiosks to airports across the country, but these aren't like the Redbox and Blockbuster Express kiosks you see at grocery stores and gas stations.

Digiboo's kiosks will allow you to download one of 1,000 movies onto a USB 3.0 flash drive.  You'll be able to watch that movie on your laptop or even transfer it to a mobile device or tablet.

Digiboo hasn't given any specifics on the DRM solution they're using or the cost of their service, but they have said that download time won't be a problem.  It will only take 30 seconds to put an SD movie on your flash drive.

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