Aperion Launches the Verus Forte Speaker Line 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011

The new Forte speaker series from Aperion is designed to act as the "younger sibling" of the popular Verus Grand line.  It features the same tech, but in a smaller package.

Like the Grand, the Forte offers the Axially Stabilized Radiator (ASR) tweeter, but unlike the Grand, the Forte places it inside of the woofer.  Aperion calls this the Aperion PhaseSync Driver and boasts that not only does this save space, but allow the tweeter and woofer to work together and provide better mid-high frequency reproduction and response.

"We worked to produce uncolored, authentic sound in a small form-factor speaker," says  head speaker designer Ken Humphreys, "by achieving a flat frequency response, a power response that slowly and evenly rolls off toward the highs and the lowest possible distortion."

You'll be able to pick up Aperion's Forte speakers when they launch on February 22.  The tower comes in at $990 for a pair, the center channel at $350 and the bookshelf speakers at $350 a pair.

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