PS Audio Intros Next-Gen Power Regenerators for High Performance Gear 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 01 February 2011

When it comes to your high-end gear, clean power is an essential and oft overlooked piece of the puzzle.  Plugging straight into the wall can result in distortion and other sound anomalies that are very unwelcome in your expensive speakers.

PS Audio's new Power Plant 5 and Power Plant 10 regenerators were made to provide power with low distortion and a great degree of regularity.  The company has introduced new technologies like MultiWave and CleanWave to achieve this in their new regenerators.

The Power Plant 5 is capable of outputting 1,000 watts of continuous power and 50 amps of continuous current while the Power Plant 10 ups that to 1,250 watts and 70 amps.  PS Audio boasts that both products produce output impedance 100 times lower than any Power  Plant to come before them.

You can control the new Power Plants with a touch screen or web interface, either of which will allow you to monitor Total Harmonic Distortion and see the difference between the power coming from the wall and the power regenerated by the Power Plant.

The Power Plant 10 will run you $4,449 while the Power Plant 5 costs $2,999.  If you're ordering from outside of the US, expect to pay an extra $500.

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