Amazon May Enter the Subscription Based Streaming Game 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 01 February 2011

Amazon Prime members that logged onto Amazon's site yesterday may have caught a glimpse at the future of the service.  If you go today though, there's no trace of it.

It's no secret that Amazon wants a piece of what Netflix has.  Streaming is big money, and the subscription based service has been making plenty of it.  Rumor had it that Amazon was considering a purchase of Netflix, but it looks like they'll be introducing their own streaming service instead.

Thanks to a few screenshots captured by an Engadget tipster, we know that the planned streaming service will be free to Amazon Prime subscribers.  Since Amazon Prime is priced at $79 a year, the cost per month comes out to $6.50 - cheaper than Netflix.

The source said that only SD movies were available during the time that the option was available to him.  There's no indication of just how many movies and TV shows may be available through Amazon's subscription service, but if the entire catalog can be viewed, Netflix may have reason to worry.

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