The iPad2 May Be Going 720p or Higher 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The iPad is a slick device that's capable of, well, just about anything you want it to do.  It can even play back high-definition content from iTunes, which would be a lot more exciting if it had a high-definition screen.  At 1024x768 it falls short.

Apple's newest tablet may solve the HD issue as rumors abound of an improved resolution for the iPad2. Different sources including leaked developer assets are pointing towards the change and it seems like a logical step forwards.

Devin Coldewey at CrunchGear says that if Apple is going to improve the screen, they'll do so dramatically.  His assertion is that a 2048x1536 screen is the most likely improvement,  rather than the rumored 1280x960 resolution.  "If Apple is pushing media and photography, a high-quality screen like this will be a key advantage,' writes Coldewey.

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