Audiovox Announces the First In-Car Blu-ray Player 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One of the most interesting Blu-ray announcements came from a source you might not expect.  Audiovox, an automotive electronics maker, has announced the first Blu-ray player that mounts right in your dashboard.

Though some might not see the immediate appeal of a Blu-ray player in the car - the components can hardly take advantage of everything Blu-ray has to offer - Audiovox president Tom Malone says it's about making things easier on you.

"We developed the AVDBR1 in response to the consumer preference for Blu-ray Discs in their home entertainment systems," says Malone.  "This mobile solution will allow them to maintain a single video collection that works both in the vehicle and at home."

The AVDBR1 does what you'd expect an in-car Blu-ray player to do, but packs one unexpected feature.  Audiovox's new player is Wi-Fi enabled and will be updated with streaming capabilities later on this year.

You'll be able to pick the AVDBR1 up for $349 when it hits shelves this spring.

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