Logitech Reportedly Suspends Production of Google TV Equipped Revue 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The launch of Google TV was highly anticipated, well marketed and captured the attention of home theater enthusiasts around the world.  Then it launched.

Though the initial implementation of Google TV has been disappointing, both to the companies that sell the products and the customers that bought them.  Google has a fix in the works in the form of a new software update that should address some issues, but that fix - originally expected at CES - has seen a bit of a delay.

Now Logitech has apparently suspended production of the Revue - an order they issued earlier this month.  The company expected to move half a million Revues before the end of 2010, but since production has halted we can conclude that this goal hasn't yet been met.

Just what this means for the future of Google TV and the range of new products expected to be launched next month is anyone's guess.

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