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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 24 December 2010

If you're unlucky this Christmas, you'll be dragged to see the latest from Ben Stiller.  If you're lucky, you'll get to see the Coen Brothers' latest.

True Grit

The thing that's really blowing people away about 'True Grit' isn't that it's a great movie.  It is, but that's not a surprise to anyone who has followed the Coen's work.  The thing that's really amazing is that it doesn't even feel like a Coen Brothers movie.  It's being hailed as one of their best, and as a better version of 'True Grit' than the one starring the legendary John Wayne.  Do yourself a favor and go see it this weekend.

Gulliver's Travels

From brilliance to banality.  'Gulliver's Travels' is the latest from Jack Black and it seems to rest entirely on his shoulders.  If you're a fan of Black, you'll probably enjoy the film.  If you're not then you'll want to stay away.

Little Fockers

How does the 'Fockers' franchise even exist?  The first movie, 'Meet the Parents,' was stupid but harmless and the 2004 followup 'Meet the Fockers' wasn't great.  But now, ten years after the original we get 'Little Fockers,' a movie that's not funny and doesn't even seem to attempt humor.  Just say no.

Also Coming Out This Week

Somewhere (limited)

The Illusionist (limited)

Hadewijch (limited)
Nenette (limited)

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