Oppo Announces the BDP-95 Audiophile Blu-ray Player 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 22 December 2010

With the BDP-93 officially launched and on its way to homes across the country, Oppo has announced their newest project - the BDP-95.

The BDP-95 is, in essence, a version of the BDP-83 made specifically for audiophiles.  It still does everything the 83 does, like streaming Netflix video, upconverting DVDs and playing back 3D discs.  It just does a little more on top of that.

Oppo says that the Sabre32 DAC used in the BDP-95 is the best in the world, offering a minimum of distortion.  The company also packed in a toroidal power supply, XLR stereo outs and plenty more.  Oppo says that the player was "designed from the ground up with a different chassis and many different components optimized for the analog audio performance."

The company also warns that the redesign is significant enough that you can't just go and upgrade your BDP-93 with the new components. 

There hasn't been a price announcement for the BDP-93, but you can expect to hear something before the launch in February of 2011.

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