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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 17 December 2010

Disney's big budget 'Tron' sequel hits theaters this week, and while it may not be the best movie around, it's definitely the best one opening today.

Tron Legacy

'Tron Legacy' is beautiful, you won't find anyone that disagrees on that point.  It's well designed and it works well in 3D.  As a movie though, it fails in a few places, like the awful plot and tedious pacing.  The movie is described as humorless by critics, and far too serious for its own good.

How Do You Know

It's a romantic comedy by James L. Brooks, who somewhere along the line forgot how to make a good movie.  You'll get your share of Reese Witherspoon and Jack Nicholson and the always funny Paul Rudd, but even a strong cast can't save this one.

Yogi Bear

What can be said about 'Yogi Bear' that the movie doesn't say about itself?  It's a 3D version of the cartoons we all remember from our childhood and it starts Justin Timberlake as Boo-Boo.  Even if you've got kids that absolutely need to see a movie this weekend, avoid this one.  'Megamind' is still in theaters - see it again.

Also Coming Out This Week

Rabbit Hole‚Ä®
Casino Jack
Alien Girl

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