Avatar 3D May Be Panasonic Exclusive Until February 2012 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sure 'Avatar' is a bundle-only exclusive now, but it's bound to be released in early 2011, right?  As it turns out, that might be wrong.  So very wrong.

The site AV Zombie has revealed that we might not getting 'Avatar' any time soon.  According to the information they received from Panasonic, the bundle deal will be running until February of 2012.  A bundle deal, says the site, that is expected to remain exclusive until it concludes.

We're putting this one in the "rumor and speculation" category until we get official word, since a deal this long seems unlikely.  If true, this would be a fantastic deal for Panasonic and a huge disappointment for fans of 'Avatar' that picked up 3D televisions from other brands.

No matter how you feel about 'Avatar,' an exclusivity window of nearly a year and a half seems like an unwelcome precedent to set.

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