CALM Act Passes Congress - Commercials Getting Quieter Soon 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 06 December 2010

Regulation of commercial volume has passed the congress and on to the president for a signature.  It's a welcome change, even if it is a few decades late.

As long as there's been TV, there's been an abundance of commercials louder than the show you're trying to watch.  It's annoying at best, and at worst it gets in the way of your enjoyment and even kills the mood of the show.

The act from congress means we'll finally be rid of extremely loud commercials, but it seems just a few decades late. 

After all, with the wide range of volume leveling technologies like Dolby Volume available and the increasing numbers of people moving to the internet for entertainment, TV commercials just don't seem to be a problem anymore – not to mention the ability to skip commercials with DVRs.

Still, the CALM act should make things just a little bit easier on the average TV watcher.

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