Italy is the First With a Backwards Compatible 3D Broadcast 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 02 December 2010

You can't be blamed for sticking with 2D until the whole 3D thing starts to even out.   The technology is still new and if you've got a great TV or projector, it makes sense that you'd want to stick with the gear you already love.  There's a chance that you'll miss out on new content though, if it's produced only for 3D televisions.

A group composed of both private and public organizations launched the first ever backwards compatible 3D broadcast in Italy yesterday – a move designed to help solve that problem.  Viewers with 3D sets could enjoy the content in 3D while those with standard 2D televisions were able to watch in 2D.

The solution is a new 3D format, referred to as 3D Tile.  The format uses two 720p frames combined into a single 1080p frame to ensure that reconstructed images retain their original resolution.  More importantly, it allows for 3D content to be enjoyed in 2D by those without a compatible display.

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