Glasses-Free 3D Coming Soon to Commercial Applications 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 22 November 2010

There's still a long road ahead before we start to see glasses-free 3D in the home, but a company called 3DFusion says it's ready for commercial applications now.

The folks at 3DFusion are understandably excited about the potential future of 3D technology.  After all, they've got a stake in it.  "It took us four years to get here," says CEO Ilya Sorokin, "but we finally showing the world that 3D is not only beautiful and natural but it can be enjoyed without constraints and discomfort of the 3D glasses."

3D Fusion has demoed its 3D technology to audiences both large and small, taking their displays to conferences and expos, getting everything ready to go.  Now they've got a technology that they believe has a great amount of potential for advertisers.

The company is now looking for investors and strategic partners to make things really take off.

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