World's Largest 21:9 3D LCD to Debut This Weekend 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 05 November 2010

There's something oh-so-cool about having a television that's designed specifically for movie watching, and the new LCD from AUO is just that.  It sports a 21:9 CinemaScope resolution which means a film is going to fill the entire screen without any of those black bars we've grown so accustomed to.

In addition, the 71 inch set – that's right, 71 inches – is 3D capable.  It's not the active 3D offered by most companies though.  AUO is sticking with passive when they're developing 3D tech that uses glasses.

AUO is also bringing a glasses-free display using a lenticular lens technology that they refer to as "naked eye 3D."  The set boasts a 65 inch screen, which is more than enough to prove the concept to other major manufacturers.

Even if AUO's new displays never come to market, a successful demonstration of glasses-free 3D on a large set could be a huge kick in the pants for the industry.

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