Gucci Jumps into the 3D Eyewear Game 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 02 November 2010

Oakley isn't the only company that's selling designer 3D glasses anymore.  The folks at Gucci have stepped up to the plate and are releasing their own – the first of the Gucci 3D line. 

Gucci, like Oakley, boasts that the new glasses sport optically correct lenses and are optimal for RealD 3D movies.  They also boast a mirrored coating that will allow you to look in a mirror without distortion and an anti-reflective coating to improve image quality.  Yes, both a mirrored coating and an anti-reflective coating.

The new Gucci glasses are designed for passive tech, so you won't be able to use them on your new 3D television.  It doesn't seem practical to pick up your own glasses for the movie theater, but if you've got a projector at home that requires passive lenses, this could be a nice way to view in comfort and style.

Gucci's 3D glasses will be available later this year at a price of $225.

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