Shift and Rotate Your TV with Your Phone 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 27 October 2010

WallWizard is a newcomer to the TV mount game, but their latest creation is bound to help establish them as one of the more interesting companies around.  It's not a new mount, but it does change the way you'll use them.

The new product isn't even hardware – it's an app.  Using the new app and a WiFi/Bluetooth accessory you'll be able to control your motorized mount from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Bluetooth enabled smartphone.  It's not only simple to do, but incredibly impressive when you've got guests over.

There's more to the app than just using virtual buttons to move your mount though.  It's got a special feature called Gyro Mode, which moves the mount based on the way you move your phone.

The app itself runs $9.99 while the adapter will cost you $120.

To learn more about iPhone apps for the Home Theater click here.

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