Satellite Dishes May Be a Thing of the Past 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 27 October 2010

No matter the advantages of satellite TV, there's one big disadvantage that's been haunting satellite services since the beginning.  Mounting a dish outside of your house or apartment really changes the look of things and, depending on your situation, may not work out anyway.

Thanks to a researcher named Marcel van de Burgwal that may all be changing.  He's designed a microchip that would completely eliminate the need for satellite dishes and solve a few other problems as well.

The chip utilizes a series of flat antennas that could be built right into set-top boxes.  The antenna array wouldn't even need to be physically aimed, since it would be fully capable of aiming itself electronically.

"Software-defined radio may seem much more complex," says Burgwal, "but we can pack so much computing power into the space taken up by a coil that it more than repays the effort."

Burgwal says that this new chip could be used in cell phones and other portable devices too.

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