Samsung Introduces Prescription 3D Glasses 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 22 October 2010

One of the biggest complaints about 3D comes from those with less than perfect vision.  Wearing a second pair of glasses over your existing glasses is uncomfortable, not to mention silly looking.  Though Samsung doesn't think we'll be going glasses-free any time soon , they have offered a solution.

Korean 3D enthusiasts will soon be able to go to their optometrist and order up a pair of 3D glasses with prescription lenses.  These aren't passive glasses either, like Oakley's TRON offerings, but active shutter glasses for use in the home.

Samsung hasn't revealed yet how much the glasses will cost, but they'll certainly run more than a typical pair of prescription glasses.  There's also been no information about a US release, but it seems likely that these will come to American shores.

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