Sony Planning to Outsource High-End LCD and Google TV Production 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Whether you're concerned about worker conditions or strictly about the quality of your electronics you've probably got strong feelings about in-house manufacturing.  Outsourcing has become a bad word for high-end gear, but the Taiwanese daily newspaper DigiTimes is reporting that two different companies will be picking up Sony's workload.

The first is Foxconn, an enormous electronics manufacturer who makes the Apple iPhone and recently came under a great deal of bad press over thirteen worker suicides.  The company has improved conditions and increased worker pay, but the stigma remains.

Foxconn will be picking up production of Sony's ultra-thin high-end LCDs according to DigiTimes.  They expect between 15 and 18 million units to go through Foxconn, which would amount to around 50 percent of Sony's total output.

Wistron is the other company that Sony has tapped for resources and they'll be working on the Sony Internet TV.  Wistron expects around seven million televisions a year.

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