Samsung Says Glasses-Free 3D Is 5-10 Years Off 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 18 October 2010

Toshiba unveiled a pair of glasses-free 3D displays last week, but Samsung's B.K. Yoon says they're jumping the gun.

Yoon is the president of visual displays at Samsung and he's less optimistic than some about the glasses-free option.  Yoon suggests that it's going to take at least another five years before mass production of large and affordable glasses-free sets is possible.

That opinion doesn't translate over to cell phones or other portable devices like the Nintendo 3DS though.  Yoon is talking about traditional TV screens of a size you'd actually want to watch a movie on.

Yoon is confident that 3D TV sales will continue to rise as more content becomes available, but until they're able to be mass produced inexpensively and at attractive sizes, Samsung is going to stay away from glasses-free.

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