A New Pair of Preamplifiers From McIntosh 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 07 October 2010

As technology evolves, old models must be retired and new ones brought in to replace them.  That's the case with the C46 preamplifier, which is leaving the McIntosh lineup to make room for the new C48. 

The C48 and the C50 are the latest from McIntosh and both aim to deliver high quality audio whether you're using a digital or analog source.  

Both offer eight analog inputs, two of which are specifically made for phono, moving magnet and moving coil, both of which have trim adjustments on the remote control.  They also feature 32 bit/192kHz digital to audio conversion and re-sampling to get the best out of digital sources.

The C50 adds an extra pair of balanced inputs, a processor loop and a fixed digital USB input for a total of ten different inputs.   It also features the Eight Band Tone Equalizer which can be set to each individual input selection.

You can pick up the C50 for $6,500 while the C48 can be had for $4,500.

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